Network Architecture Design

We provide services in many different points in the field of network. We are doing corporate needs analysis and developing solutions to your needs.

Our company provides services such as Designing and Establishing Network Infrastructure in Network, Security Analysis, Establishing Security Devices, Establishing Network Connections Between Remote Locations, Creating Redundant Network Infrastructures, Structural Cabling.

Our Services;

Network Setup

Network Devices Installation and Support
Network Acceleration Solutions
Network Management and Analysis Solutions

Network Connection Services

High Performance Local and Wide Area Networks
DSL, ISDN, MetroEthernet Connections
Redundant Connection Installations
Connection via GPRS

Wireless Networking

Great Location-Creating A Wireless Coverage Area
User Control in Wireless Network Access
Point-to-Point Connection Solutions

Remote Access Solutions

VPN Installations
IPSec VPN Installations Between Different Products
SSL VPN Solutions

Network Security Services

Security Architecture Design Network Access Control (NAC)
Gateway Anti Virus Solutions
Firewall Solutions (Firewall)
Intrusion Detection
Virtual Network Solutions (VPN)
Web Filtering Solutions
Enterprise Security Management Solutions
Network Security Analysis Solutions Corporate Security Policy Creation Program
Corporate Information Security and Awareness Training
System Room Security
Audio-Data Solutions

Voice Transfer Via Data

VOIP Installations
IP Telephony Solutions
IP Switchboard Solutions
IVR, ACD Solutions

Network Server Services

DNS Server Setup
Network Logging Solutions
Network Monitoring Solutions
Central Management Solutions

Structured Cabling Solutions Fiber Cabling

UTP Cabling
Cabin Arrangement
System Room Installation

Network Management and Monitoring Solutions

Central Management
Central Monitoring and Monitoring Systems


Network Installations
Structured Cabling
Device Installations

Wireless Technologies

Wi-Fi (802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11n)
Wi-Fi Roaming
Wi-Fi Point-to-Point
Wireless WPA, MacFilter

VPN Technologies

PP TP Different Brands VPN
SSL VPN (Application Mode)
SSL VPN (Tunnel Mode)

Network Connection Technologies

10/100/1000 LAN
Multi Mode, Single Mode Fiber
Point-to-Point Connection Solutions

Audio Data Technologies

SIP Power Plant
SIP Phone

Network Security Technologies

AV Gateway
Web Filter
NAC (802.1x)
User Authenticaten (Radius, LDAP)

Wan Optimization

Compression and QoS
Secure Connection
Secure Communication
Traffic Shaping
Rule Based
Warranty / Max / Priority Bandwidth

Network Architecture Design

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